A rare look inside the RG

Ever wondered what goes on in a newsroom? How a news organisation prioritises the stories that it does? What stories go on the front page and why? How the Page 1 photograph is determined? Who are the drivers behind daily editorial policy at the “big bad RG”?

The Royal Gazette broke new ground yesterday by opening its daily news planning conference to members of the public.

The idea first originated from disgruntlement with the paper expressed on social media, prompting the Editor, Dexter Smith, to invite the disabused, or otherwise unhappy, into the offices of 2 Par-la-Ville Road to provide an insight into the inner workings of the paper daily. And to see for themselves whether their criticisms are warranted.

Lauren Hayward-Bell, the general secretary of the Progressive Labour Party, blogger Rayki Emery, PLP activist Makai Jevon Dickerson and Senator Justin Mathias, the deputy chairman of the One Bermuda Alliance, were invited to the half-hour-long meeting and, upon its conclusion, were afforded the opportunity to pass on their observations and ask questions of the Editor.

Both elements of this initiative were recorded to give the wider public a look-see into what it is we do.

Enjoy and please do offer feedback.