Seniors get lessons on cybersecurity

  • Seniors learnt about cybersecurity during Safer Internet Day

A group of about 80 seniors got lessons in cybersecurity during Safer Internet Day this week.

The day included presentations and an expo where the seniors talked to representatives from a variety of agencies.

These included the Bermuda Police Service, the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs and the Office of Ageing and Disability Services.

The seniors learnt about secure use of the internet, how to adopt safe social media practices and how use high-tech tools like eReaders.

Wayne Caines, Minister of National Security, outlined the programme at yesterday’s session of the House of Assembly.

Mr Caines said: “Importantly, they received information about the very real dangers that are constantly lurking online.”

The seniors were alerted to phishing — when a scammer uses fraudulent e-mails or copycat websites to get access to private information like bank account and credit card numbers.

Mr Caines added: “They were given tips on what to look for and how to protect themselves from this most common form of cyberattack.

“They also received information about the importance and availability of a plethora of personal security devices that can help them feel safe on and offline.”

For the full ministerial statement click on the PDF link under “Related Media”