Mobile parking app proves popular

  • EasyPark Mobile App (image provided)

More than 3,000 people have used the EasyPark Mobile App for parking, according to the company.

Danny Faria, EasyPark general manager, said more than 1,000 new customers have adopted the service since the start of last year.

He said: “Our mobile subscriber base is now more than 3,200 and we anticipate continued growth in 2018.

“This is very encouraging as more customers recognise the benefits of parking using their mobile devices, particularly the added convenience.”

He added: “Some customers were hesitant to try our mobile app, partly because they were so comfortable with the still-popular yellow EasyPark Meter device, but for many who have tried it, they find it just as easy to use.”

EasyPark Mobile is a prepaid service, with users needing to sign up to a plan.

The app can be downloaded through the iTunes or Google Play stores, with users able to then top up their account online or through the app itself.

Users must also apply an EasyPark Mobile sticker on their vehicle.

The stickers are available at the City Hall Administration Office, One Communications, the EasyPark Office or P-Tech.