Model on mission to join the jet set

  • Flying high: fitness model Nicole Tovey, from Pembroke, is competing for the Miss Jetset 2018 title
  • Fitness model Nicole Tovey is competing for the Miss Jetset 2018 title (Photograph supplied)
  • Fitness model Nicole Tovey is competing for the Miss Jetset 2018 title (Photograph supplied)
  • Fitness model Nicole Tovey is competing for the Miss Jetset 2018 title (Photograph supplied)

Lawyer and fitness model Nicole Tovey is on a mission to be crowned Miss Jetset 2018.

Now she has pledged to donate the majority of the $50,000 cash prize to charity — if she wins the competition.

Ms Tovey appealed to the public to help get her to the top spot so she can split the proceeds between Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda and the Women’s Cancer Foundation Australia in her homeland.

Ms Tovey, who has lived on the island for ten years, said both charities were “two incredibly worthy causes in each of my ‘homes’”.

The 41-year-old, from Pembroke, explained that the competition raises funds for the B+ - Be Positive - Foundation, which supports families who have children with cancer and children’s cancer research.

Ms Tovey, a partner at law firm Walkers, said she could not think of a better use for the funds than to give $40,000 to charity.

She added: “And then I thought B+ Foundation is for children with cancer, so let me benefit children and cancer separately so that’s how I came to children here and cancer in Australia.”

Ms Tovey said she chose BBBS as her Bermuda charity because she has always admired the programme.

“I know a few ‘Bigs’ and I’ve seen the work they do, the time that they spent with the children and I think that’s really important in Bermuda. I have a lot of respect for the programme.”

Ms Tovey explained that the competition was run yearly by Jetset Magazine, a lifestyle publication.

It is based on public votes over several rounds and eliminations until the winner is announced on April 11.

The certified personal trainer stumbled across the competition on Instagram and decided to enter because she has an interest in sports modelling and body building.

She also saw it as an opportunity to “raise awareness for some fantastic causes”.

Ms Tovey said she had not decided what to do with the remaining $10,000 if she wins, but could invest it into fitness mentoring or coaching.

Ms Tovey has already made it through several cuts. Her group will be cut again to the top five on Wednesday and the group winners will advance to the semi-finals.

She said: “There is quite a number of groups. I’m in international group four and of that group, I’m currently sitting in fourth place.”

“The important times to vote are now to the end, as there’s only about four weeks to go.

“Hopefully everyone can hang in there for me for four weeks. The key is to keep the public engaged and voting on a daily basis.”

Patrina O’Connor-Paynter, managing director of BBBS, said the charity was honoured that Ms Tovey had chosen to donate to them should she win.

She added: “We really appreciate this selfless act on her behalf. We wish Nicole all the best and encourage everyone to support her by voting.”

The public can vote in two ways — by a donation to B+ Foundation or with one ‘free’ vote per person every 24 hours through a Facebook log in.

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