Mirrors lead cleanup on Paget Island

  • Fort Cunningham on Paget Island (file photograph)

Volunteers have pitched in to help clean up a historic fort on Paget Island.

The Mirrors youth programme led the restoration drive, helped by Outward Bound, the parks department, the Royal Bermuda Regiment and other supporters, including John Rankin, the Governor.

The work, which happened on April 7, concentrated on tidying up the moat area of Fort Cunningham, which sits on the island off St George’s.

Mr Rankin said: “The fort has a fascinating history and will make an excellent venue for young people and visitors to Bermuda to learn more about the history of the island.

“By contributing to the restoration project, the Mirrors programme and all the volunteers are contributing to the future of Bermuda.”

Lovitta Foggo, Acting Minister of Social Development and Sports, added: “I was pleased to see so many young people at the clean-up, contributing their time and giving back to the community.”

Anyone interested in helping with other clean ups should contact Jeanene Todd at 294-9291 or e-mail