Planning approves reclamation of pond

  • Saving our heritage: the site of the proposed Eve’s Pond Nature Reserve in Hamilton Parish from North Shore Road. The reserve is between Green Bay Road and Somershill Road, on the east of North Shore Road

A plan to restore a pond filled in more than 75 years ago has been given the green light.

The Development Applications Board backed a plan by Buy Back Bermuda to restore Eve’s Pond in Hamilton Parish as part of a nature reserve.

Andrew Dobson, president of the Bermuda Audubon Society, said the organisation is happy that work could soon be under way.

He said: “We really look forward to providing the public with another nature reserve that everyone can enjoy.”

Mr Dobson added: “The plan is to create a brackish pond to provide a habitat for migratory ducks and other wetland bird species.

“Invasive plant species will be cleared, and the sand removed will be used to build an embankment along North Shore Road.

“This embankment will be planted with native and endemic plants.

“Just like our Buy Back reserves in Southampton and Somerset, there will be a nature trail with interpretive signage as well as an observation platform.”

Eve’s Pond was a tidal, saltwater pond in Hamilton Parish until 1941, when it was filled with sand dredged from Flatts Inlet.

The property on North Shore Road was bought by Buy Back Bermuda, which was launched by the Bermuda Audubon Society and the Bermuda National Trust.

The original pond was about 50 metres wide and 100 metres long and was linked to Harrington Sound by the Green Bay cave system.

The new pond will not connect to the caves in a bid to prevent further damage to the system.