CoH to crack down on parking fines

Drivers can no longer trash parking tickets and get away with it, the City of Hamilton has warned.

Edward Benevides, the city’s chief operating officer, said tickets issued by wardens were co-ordinated with police to enforce payment.

Mr Benevides added there had been “a major uptick” in ticket payment since the Traffic Offences Procedure Amendment and Validation Act 2015 came into force last summer.

He said: “Every single ticket issued since then has been logged.”

Parking tickets carry a $75 penalty — but if not paid within 14 days that goes up to $100 plus a summons signed by a magistrate.

Continued avoidance will lead to a $150 fine and court action. Failure to attend court will mean a warrant for the arrest of the vehicle owner will be issued.

Mr Benevides said that processing time for a summons “may take a bit more time” — but that every ticket would be followed up on.

He added: “Until further legislation can be passed, enforcement of paid parking will continue to be slow but the public is steadily catching on that paying for parking is much less expensive than paying for a ticket.”

On-street parking is limited to one-hour, except where otherwise posted, and disabled bays are reserved for drivers with a valid disabled parking permit.