Go-kart road racer ticketed

  • Police talk to a go-kart driver after his arrest yesterday morning for driving the vehicle on public roads.
  • Yellow line: a still image from a video shared on the BPS Roads Policing Unit Twitter page
  • A go-kart is shown in the Bermuda Police Service compound at Prospect in this photograph obtained by The Royal Gazette. A man was arrested after he was spotted driving in the eastern parishes and was finally stopped on Cavendish Road, Pembroke.

A man who tried to drive to a meeting on a go-kart was stopped and ticketed by police.

A video of the driver travelling along Harrington Sound Road near Shark Hole Hill in Hamilton Parish was posted on social media yesterday morning.

A second video showed the driver travelling along South Road in Devonshire, where he overtook several vehicles.

The Bermuda Police traffic unit said the driver was pulled over on Pembroke’s Cavendish Road. They posted on Twitter: “His excuse was he had no other trans and no money for bus fare. He had to be at a meeting.”

Scott Barnes, president of the Bermuda Karting Club, said on Facebook that the driver was not a member of the club.

He said: “This is not something the Bermuda Karting Club condones and we have just found out that it was not a member of the BKC as they have been caught. Our rulebook does not allow for any karts on main roads except for a permitted race event.”