Permission sought for helium balloon ride

  • Aeroballoon AB-20, the same type of balloon proposed for Dockyard. (file photograph)

Visitors could be offered a view from 350ft over the West End next year.

Consort Cruises has asked for planning permission to install a tethered helium balloon ride in Dockyard.

A spokesman for the company said, if the planning application is approved, they hope to have the attraction ready to take in guests next spring.

He said: “The balloon will take you up around 350ft, and from there you can see as far as South Shore and the reef line. It should be quite a view.

“We are going to put it right next to the Fun Golf, so you will have the balloon, Fun Golf, Snorkel Park and Vista View Virtual Tours right there.”

The planning application said: “The project consists of a 20-person tethered helium balloon ride which is raised and lower by an electrical winch and cables.

“The balloon itself when not in use will be held down by concrete deadmen. The site area must be relatively flat in order to support the ride and site works will consist of sidewalks, fencing, a back-up generator and a ticket booth.”

The proposal is not the first of its kind — earlier this year a separate application was filed to install a helium balloon ride next to the Rockaway Ferry terminal in Southampton.