Crowds flock to Ag Show opening day

  • Feathered hair: An entrant at the 2018 Ag Show (photograph by Owain Johnston-Barnes)
  • Student made crafts on display at the 2018 Ag Show (photograph by Owain Johnston-Barnes)
  • Students and staff from Bright Beginings enjoy the 2018 Ag Show (photograph by Owain Johnston-Barnes)
  • 2018 Ag Show (photograph by Owain Johnston-Barnes)
  • 2018 Ag Show (photograph by Owain Johnston-Barnes)

The free entrance to the Ag Show for children and seniors appears to have paid off this year as the opening day was busier than usual according to organisers.

The 2018 Ag Show opened yesterday morning with hundreds of children enjoying the displays and the animals.

Numerous school groups were walking the Botanical Gardens grounds as the three-day annual event began.

Organiser David Lopes said: “I spoke to one senior and she said she hadn’t been for 40 years and she was really thankful that Axis Capital and HSBC had sponsored the event so that they could attend the show.

“I think that initiative did have an impact and will have over the next two days.

“It was a successful day. The exhibits especially buy the young people are really something to see. There were so many exhibits in the education building that they had to put some on the ceiling.”

Alex Gibbons and Ashley Robinson both took the opportunity to bring their children to their first Ag Show.

Ms Gibbons said: “We came out mostly for the kids to see the animals.

“It was always so much fun coming out here when I was young. It was great to see everything.

Ms Robinson added: “These guys haven’t really seen any of these animals before, so we thought it would be something great to keep them entertained and give them something to see.

“I haven’t been in years, so my daughter is sort of bringing me back, to be honest.

“I would always love to enter veritable critters when I was young and then come in to see what I had won.”

James Robinson said he was looking forward to showing his four-year-old son David the various animals.

Mr Robinson said: “It’s a great thing for children to get this sort of hands-on opportunity to see the animals up close.

“I grew up near a farm, so I had those experiences a lot when I was young, but a lot of the younger generation don’t have that.”

David himself said he liked seeing the pigs and the rabbits.

Elka Gibbs, Director at the Bermuda Equestrian Federation, was enjoying watching the horses performing in the event’s main ring.

She said the event is wonderful for the public, highlighting the island’s heritage.

Ms Gibbs said: “It’s wonderful. Its something great for children of all ages, so there are everything from three year olds to 83 year olds here.

“I think it brings back a lot of memories for the older members of the community who like to reminisce about days gone by, particularly when the carriages come out.

“It brings back memories, and it makes memories.”