Five year plan for Saltus

Saltus Grammar School has announced a new five-year plan.

The school said the blueprint was designed to promote 21st-century-style learning.

The plan, called “The Key”, focuses on four areas that reflect the priorities of the school over the next five years — community, programme, stability and image.

Deryn Lavell, Saltus head teacher, said: “Schools everywhere are facing serious challenges today.

“There is enormous pressure on educators to provide a learning environment that will prepare students for the future in unprecedented ways.

“It’s no longer enough to have the teacher at the front telling students to memorise something on a blackboard — those days are long gone.

“We must rise to that challenge by building a culture that is curious, creative and innovative. That, in essence, is what The Key is designed to achieve.”

The plan highlighted the need for schools to adopt new teaching methods to connect pupils with the wider world and inspire them to be engaged, ethical leaders.

The plan also unveiled a new vision statement that will guide the school’s activities — “Inspiring students to lead us to a more just, fair and sustainable world.”

Ms Lavell added: “The Key is the result of months of consultation, research and brainstorming.

“Our entire community participated in this process and I think that is well reflected in the strength of the plan.”

Ms Lavell said the school’s board of trustees worked with Saltus staff to develop the plan.

Gil Tucker, the board chairman, said: “It was a thorough, thoughtful and vitally important exercise.

“We all believe the school is in excellent hands and is prepared for great achievements in the future.”