Research ship open day

  • Open house: Research vessel Corwith Cramer, the flagship of Sea Education Association, welcomes visitors today (File photograph)

Visiting research vessel Corwith Cramer is to host an open house today.

Captain Jason Quilter said the public would be able to take a look around the ship before it resumes its voyage north to New York.

Captain Quilter explained that the ship, owned by the Sea Education Association, arrived in Bermuda from Nassau in the Bahamas on Monday.

The crew of the 134ft sailing ship has been studying the Sargasso Sea and collected sargassum samples and other specimens.

The Corwith Cramer is on a five-week research voyage as part of its SEA Semester: marine biodiversity and conservation programme for undergraduate students.

Captain Quilter said: “Part of our programme is oceanographic research and training.”

The ship left Nassau and headed east to the South Sargasso Sea before turning north to Bermuda.

Captain Quilter said that the crew would be collecting more samples from the North Sargasso Sea before reaching their destination.

The Corwith Cramer is berthed at Penno’s Wharf in St George’s and the open house will be from 10am to 1pm. The ship will leave Bermuda at 3pm.

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