Tourists thank Bermuda for passport hunt

  • Futile task: Steve and Corinne White trying to find documents (Photograph provided)

Tourists Corinne and Steve White were horrified when they lost their passports just after they arrived on the island.

The couple said yesterday they were overwhelmed when Bermudians mobilised to help search for the missing travel documents, even though a search failed to trace them.

Ms White said: “We are long-time visitors here and know firsthand how absolutely lovely the folks are in Bermuda.

“We have witnessed Bermudian kindness, courtesy, and compassion played out over many years, but these traits were especially evident during our time of need.

“We know in our hearts that if our passports were going to be turned in, it would be here in Bermuda.”

Mr and Ms White, from New Hampshire, arrived on the island on Tuesday and caught a taxi to their accommodation on Needle & Thread Alley in St George.

Ms White said: “We were running luggage up and down the alleyway as quickly as possible as we were blocking a road.

“In the process, I had my passport carrier out to pay the driver, after which I tucked the passport into my backpack.

“After our driver left, I hurried up the lane to help my husband.

“Apparently, I did not zip the flap completely closed on my backpack and the passports must have fallen out along the lane.”

She added the couple did not discover they had lost their passports until later.

Ms White said: “It was like something out of a very bad dream where we became increasingly panicked as we furiously unpacked case after case and they weren’t there.

“Needless to say, we must have inspected those cases and backpacks a dozen times. We also did due diligence looking in the yard and the cottage.”

The couple called friends and they began to search the road with flashlights, while host Julian Wheddon drove to the airport to ask taxi drivers if they had found passports in their cabs.

Ms White added: “Others heard of our plight and joined the search. Some joined in the search who didn’t even know us.

“Looking back, it was almost comical with a mob of us out there in the dark with flashlights prowling up and down the back lanes and alleyways of St George’s.”

Ms White said although the search was unsuccessful, the couple were overwhelmed by the number of strangers who came out to help.

She added: “We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the people of Bermuda, our friends, and the folks in St George’s for being so kind, caring and considerate during our time of absolute panic.”