LeBron’s shorts are a fashion sensation

  • Style guru: Rene Hill is a design icon
  • Superstar shorts: LeBron James walks into arena before the NBA playoff finals

Designer Rene Hill became an international style guru after basketball superstar LeBron James wore a suit with shorts.

Ms Hill was asked for her views after James and fellow player Draymond Green turned up at the NBA finals sporting matching shorts and jackets.

News agency Canadian Press contacted Ms Hill after the two caused a sensation — and she gave the basketball stars her seal of approval.

She told the agency: “I love the look, as it’s a great run on the Bermuda short.

“The look has taken a tried and true Bermudian tradition — spring, summer and fall staple — to a trendy and excitable new level. Loads of fun.”

James, a star for the Cleveland Cavaliers, repeated the look for Game 2 of the finals. Ms Hill was delighted to be asked to offer her professional opinion.

She said: “The reporter researched Bermudian designers, rang me and asked if I had seen the coverage.

“Truth is, I am the least sporty person ever, so I hadn’t seen anything.

“He sent me several links and questions and I responded. I used to refer to it as a drive-by.”

Ms Hill said since the story ran in Canadian newspaper the National Post and several American newspapers, her website has logged a boost in visitors — although she does not sell Bermuda shorts.

She said: “It is pretty cool to be back in the international media.

“After we did a show in New York, we received a few mentions, which was great.

“Every bit of publicity is good in that it helps to get your name out there.”

The National Post story also featured a potted history of the island fashion staple, including the shorts as an adaptation of British military tropical uniforms.

Ms Hill told Canadian Press that island shorts were tapered with couture hems and the ideal look is two inches above the knee.

Ms Hill added: “Bermudian men wear mainly pastel-coloured and darker-hued shorts paired with a navy blazer, a long-sleeved shirt, sometimes a tie and knee length socks.