Sprint star makes surprise call

  • Bolt from the blue: Simon Argent won Digicel prize to meet superstar  (Photograph by Sarah Lagan)
  • Bolt from the blue: Usain Bolt with Digicel customer Simon Argent (Photograph by Sarah Lagan)

A Digicel customer got a Bolt from the blue yesterday.

Usain Bolt paid a surprise visit to Simon Argent after he won a competition for customers who signed up for the telecom firm’s fibre internet service.

Mr Argent, of Hilton Drive, Paget, said: “I was a bit shocked. They had mentioned that he was on the island and that he was going to do an install.

“There seemed to be a lot of trucks hanging around — a lot more people than normal for putting in wi-fi and internet, so I had an inkling.

“When I opened the door I was pleasantly surprised.”

Bolt knocked on Mr Argent’s door and told him the installation was complete.

Mr Argent also got a laptop and autographed merchandise as part of his prize.

He added he thanked Bolt and stayed calm before running for his camera to capture the moment for his sports-mad daughters.

Mr Argent said he and Bolt talked sport, but the World Cup rather than track and field.

Mr Argent said: “He was telling me he supports Argentina. I’m a big Chelsea fan and he’s a big Manchester United fan so we were talking about that and I was just asking him about his work with the athletes on the island.

“My girls are athletic so they will be very, very jealous when they see the photos.”

Mr Argent added he did not sign up for Digicel for the chance to meet the Jamaican star.

He said: “It was just random. I decided I needed it, signed up and it just so happened that the day I picked and the day I needed was when he was here — it was just luck.”