Fierce competition at sandcastle event

  • Bermuda Sandcastle Competition at Horseshoe Bay.  (Photograph by Akil Simmons)  Pictured- Ernie Ogalesco, Romeo & Juliette of the Sea (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Sand sculpture creations took over a Southampton beach this weekend.

Hannah Strang, organiser of the Bermuda Sandcastle Competition, said it was a huge success.

Ms Strang added: “I feel like the levels of sculpting are going through the roof.

“The level of entrants is definitely making it harder and harder for the judges.”

Ms Strang said entries included a variety of actual and mythical animals, a pool table, and a Star Wars spacecraft.

She added the competition, held at Horseshoe Bay on Saturday, had attracted a lot of repeat entrants.

Ms Strang added: “There’s a lot of teams that come and improve every year.”

A total of forty-one teams took part in this years’s competition across five different categories.

Five teams went head to head in the children’s category, with seven teams each in the family, teen and visitor divisions.

Ms Strang added that 14 teams took part in the open competition.

Cash prizes worth $3,000 were handed out for first, second and third place in each category.

Team Amazon, made up of staff from the Fairmont Southampton, took the top honour in the open category.

Ms Strang said the team — whose entry this year depicted a mermaid and merman — always presented top-level entries.

She added: “They’re the reason I‘m glad I don’t compete any more.

“They really rocked it.”

Ms Strang said that a dragon wrapped around a lighthouse from Sand Queens took second place in the open division.

She described: “It really blew the judges away with its detail, with its composition, with the whole shape of it.

“It was wonderful.”

A pair of feral chickens relaxing in the sun created by Michelle Lindo earned third prize.

Ms Strang said: “It was hilarious.

“It was just something completely random and different.”

She also highlighted entries inspired by social concerns.

Ms Strang explained: “There was a team that entered a shark in a rubber ring with a gay pride flag with the slogan ‘wading for rights’.”

An entry from Chewstick Foundation used coffee grinds to create black and white hands exchanging a fist bump with the word ‘Respect’ underneath.

She said the competition welcomed such entries each year.

Ms Strang added: “We look forward to people expressing themselves.”

The Best of the Beach award went to team Sand Canada’s Craig Mutch and Andreas Dittrich.

A number of free workshops were held last week in the lead up to the competition for participants to hone their skills were well attended

Ms Strang added: “It’s amazing what people don’t think they can do with sand and then accomplish at the end of the day.”

She thanked event sponsors Hamilton Princess Beach Club, jewellers Alexandra Mosher Studio, insurance firm OIL Group, and drinks company Barritt’s for their support.

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