Rain brings flooding in Hamilton

Heavy showers caused localised flooding in the city today and the bad weather is expected to continue into the weekend.

A film is being circulated via social media showing slow moving cars travelling along Front Street with their wheels submerged in rain water.

Since thunderstorms began last night, 1½ inches of rain has fallen at LF Wade International Airport but it is likely double that in other areas according to a Bermuda Weather Service spokesman.

He said thunderstorms and heavy rain are typical for this time of year and are unrelated to Hurricane Florence.

The spokesman said: “You get slow moving showers and thunderstorms that produce a lot of tropical rainfall at this time of year. It is not unusual to see inches of rain falling in a short amount of time and that is enough to cause localised flooding as it always does.

“Don’t be surprised to see more hefty thundery rain and localised flooding.”

The spokesman said it would be wise to take extra care travelling on the roads considering wet weather draws out slick oil from the road surfaces.

He also pointed out a positive side to the poor weather conditions.

“We have been lacking in rainfall for some time and people have been complaining. Up until this morning we were averaging close to four and a half inches below average — we are still probably below average now so some might look at this as welcome tank rain.”