Workshops to teach blockchain technology

  • MLG Blockchain has joined forces with ConnecTech to boost blockchain education

Blockchain education in Bermuda is to get a boost through a new partnership between ConnecTech and MLG Blockchain.

Under the strategic partnership, MLG Blockchain, a global consulting and development firm, will provide educational blockchain workshops.

The educational series will begin with a public introductory session on blockchains and cryptocurrencies followed by executive blockchain workshops for business leaders.

Coral Wells, founder of Bermuda technology training centre ConnecTech, said: “We are pleased to partner with MLG Blockchain to offer this training in Bermuda.

“Technology is a fast-paced industry that plays an enormous role in just about every business from large healthcare organisations to small retailers using online payment platforms.

“I feel it’s important for us to maintain the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.”

The first blockchain information session is open to the public and will take place on September 17 from 6pm to 7.30pm at ConnecTech, 41 Cedar Avenue, 2nd Floor, Hamilton. The session will provide a high-level overview of blockchain technologies.

MLG Blockchain will then provide two full-day workshops on September 18 and 19 from 9am to 5pm at the same location.

These workshops cover the introduction to the foundations of blockchain technologies and deep dives into global use cases for industries such as banking, insurance, government and transport implementations.

“We are truly excited that Bermuda has embraced blockchain technologies,” said Kerem Kolcuoglu, head of enterprise consulting at MLG Blockchain.

“We have engaged with numerous blockchain initiatives around the world and we see the value in Bermuda becoming a leader in this industry.

“We hope to bring our knowledge and experience from this emerging industry to empower Bermudian businesses, the community and especially the youth to be able to identify innovative opportunities in this sector.”

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