Docksider brawlers to be banned from bar

  • Lost custom: Docksider Restaurant & Pub was forcibly closed for 24 hours at the weekend

People involved in a fight that forced the temporary closure of Docksider Pub & Restaurant will be banned from the bar, according to owner Reed Young.

Mr Young said yesterday: “I think most understand the incident that caused the closure was isolated and the perpetrators were not ‘regular customers’ — and frankly the punishment did not fit the crime.

“Registered letters banning the known culprits are being prepared and mailed. We look forward to serving the public in a safe and enjoyable environment.”

Police closed the Front Street bar and restaurant from 10pm on Friday until 10pm on Saturday in the wake of an “antisocial incident” last weekend.

CCTV footage of the incident, circulated on social media, showed patrons running from two men in a heated argument.

One of the men, wearing a light jacket, threw two punches at the second while others tried to separate the two.

Two other men picked up chairs as if to use them as weapons, but a man took the chairs away from them before they could be used.

Mr Young did not want to detail the financial impact of the temporary closure, but said: “Suffice to say there is some harm on all fronts.

“I had a staff meeting yesterday to go over the implications and a way forward. My staff are supportive considering the present economic environment.

“I would like to add that once again we do fully support the BPS in the difficult job they have keeping Bermuda safe.”

Philip Barnett, president of the Island Restaurant Group, said he did not know about the details behind the incident at Docksider, but the closure would no doubt have had an impact.

He said: “The loss of a night’s trade, particularly a Friday or Saturday night — and for Docksider’s, Saturday morning football — would be significant.

“All we at IRG can do is continue to follow the best practices we have been doing for over 20 years and ensure we are always doing our very best to be compliant with liquor licensing and service laws.”

The 24-hour closure was the second issued by police recently.

Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club’s bar was closed last September after a brawl outside the Hamilton Parish venue. In that incident, bottles were thrown at police as they tried to intervene and four men were arrested.