BNT: Errors in draft Bermuda plan

  • The Bermuda National Trust (File image).

A conservation group asked tonight for an extension to the public consultation period for the draft Bermuda Plan 2018 due to what it claimed were “significant errors” in maps.

The Bermuda National Trust said it feared mistakes that related to its properties were also made for other protected sites, which could be put at risk.

A spokesman told BNT members: “The Bermuda National Trust has requested that the public window for input be extended or postponed, beyond March 15, until significant errors in the new draft Bermuda Plan 2018 zoning maps are substantially corrected.

“We do not have the wherewithal to inspect the entire island for errors, but given the frequency of mistakes and their magnitude across our own properties, we are extremely concerned that the errors are systemic and could potentially lead to great damage to conservation areas and protected sites across the island.

“We are also concerned that such widespread errors will serve to undermine the planning process and the public’s confidence in it and thereby, further put in danger protected lands.”

The message added: “We ask that all our members and the public take the time to look at important properties that they enjoy and frequent to ensure that all zoning reflects their use.”