Sun and wind for Good Friday

  • Fun in the sunshine: visitors and locals alike enjoyed a relatively cloudless sky at Horseshoe Bay (Photograph by Paul Johnston)
  • Ancient ritual: the combined churches of St George’s held the annual Good Friday re-enactment of Jesus Christ walking to Calvary for his crucifixion, starting from the Ebenezer Methodist Church, stopping off at different locations in the town of St George, followed by hundreds of Christians and the curious, enacting different scenes leading up to the crucifixion. Here Reverend Cyril Simmons of Ebenezer Methodist, portrays Jesus Christ calling out in pain as a Roman soldier tortures him (Photograph by Akil Simmons)
  • Family day: Alex Nanud and Stacy Peltier launch a kite at Gilbert Lamb Day at St David’s County Cricket Club

(Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Residents from St George’s to Somerset took part in Good Friday celebrations under sunny skies yesterday.

Horseshoe Bay was packed with kite flyers from the early morning, when windy weather made for perfect conditions.

Ranjini Patton described the event as “a great way to spend the day”.

She added: “The beach is beautiful, everyone is having a good time.”

Ms Patton said the annual beach event was exciting and relaxing.

She added: “It’s a good time for meeting friends.”

The Paget resident was joined by her husband, Victor, and children, Vishan, 16, Rajan, 14, Amar, 12, Avani, 10, and Ajana, 8.

Ms Patton said the family had attended the event for about the past four years.

She added that her children had been up into the early-morning hours yesterday to create their homemade kites under the tutelage of a family friend.

Rajan said it was the second time he had made a traditional kite, and that his project this year took about four hours to complete. He explained: “If you don’t take that long, it doesn’t come out right.”

Rajan said that there was a sense of pride that came with building a kite.

He added: “Once it’s in the air, you feel that satisfaction.”

His sisters, Avani and Ajana, also worked together to build a traditional kite. Avani said that it was the first one she had made.

Brent Twidale was at the beach with his son, Noah, 5, who had a Superman kite in the air.

The Paget resident described the conditions as a “perfect day for flying”.

Mr Twidale said the pair usually took part in the event which offered a chance to be close to loved ones.

He added: “It’s just a nice way to spend some time with the family. “These are our friends here, and they have two kids — so it’s just a nice way to spend the Easter Good Friday.”

Jodie Floyd-Modi and husband Paul were out with their four children, Joshua, 8, Noah, 6, Jacob, 4, and Evie, 2. The family lives in Manchester, England.

Ms Floyd-Modi, who grew up in Bermuda, said that she wanted and her husband wanted to share the experience with the young members of the family.

She added: “We wanted the kids to experience it.

“It’s their first time for Good Friday in Bermuda.”

The family had two store-bought kites in the sky yesterday morning.

Ms Floyd-Modi said: “We did make one, but we are going to save that for tomorrow.”

Other events yesterday included the Good Friday Walk to Calvary in St George, a family-friendly walk around the Olde Towne organised by the St George’s Cricket Club, and the Gilbert Lamb Fun Day, hosted by the St David’s Cricket Club.

In the West End, the Open Your Heart Foundation’s Good Friday fun day was held at Royal Naval Field, in Somerset.