Appeal for Unaiah, 13, after brain bleed

  • Medical emergency: Unaiah Ball, 13, is recovering in Boston after a severe brain aneurysm (Photograph supplied)
  • Unaiah, centre, with her mother, Undreah Castle, right, and nine-year-old brother Danaaz Ball (Photograph supplied)

The family of a 13-year-old schoolgirl rushed overseas after she suffered a severe bleed on her brain appealed yesterday for public help to cover their medical costs.

Now the family and friends of Unaiah Ball have launched a GoFundMe page to help fund vital surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Undreah Castle, Unaiah’s mother, said the Lady Cubitt Compassionate Association had stepped in to help pay for her daughter’s operations.

She added: “The hotel is being paid for out of our pocket and she has no insurance, so we’re basically trying to raise money to pay the Lady Cubitt Association back.”

Unaiah, a Whitney Institute Middle School pupil from Devonshire, was flown overseas by air ambulance last Friday after she complained of a headache and later lost consciousness.

Shawnette Bell, Unaiah’s aunt, explained: “Mom told me that Unaiah had a headache after eating breakfast, so she took an aspirin and she laid down.

“Then all of a sudden she just started screaming.”

She added: “She said that she had a pain going from her neck up to her head, so her granny put everyone in the car and got them to the hospital.

“On the way to the hospital she started throwing up and by the time they reached the hospital she said she was weak.

“Her mom went inside to get a wheelchair to wheel her into the emergency room, but by the time she had come back she had already passed out.”

Ms Bell said that Unaiah was given a CT scan as soon as she arrived at the Boston hospital.

Doctors discovered that Unaiah was born with a tangle of blood vessels in her brain which burst and caused an aneurysm.

Ms Bell explained that her niece had undergone two operations over the weekend and was in a stable condition on Sunday.

However, she added that doctors would not be able to operate to untangle the brain blood vessels until bleeding in Unaiah’s brain eased off, which could take up to six weeks.

Ms Castle said that the family would have to pay a fee for the financial aid from LCCA, which could not be calculated until the operations were over.

Ms Castle added: “Because the LCCA is covering her medical expenses nobody has told me any cost at all.

“The only cost I know for sure is the air ambulance, which was $20,000.”

The GoFundMe page, set up last Sunday, has raised $17,820 of its $50,000 goal.

Ms Ball said: “Words can’t express the amount of love that has been shown for Unaiah.

“Her mom really appreciates everything that has been done and what we are continuing to do for Unaiah.”