Burt: progress in delivering promises

  • Progress report: David Burt, the Premier (File photograph by Blaire Simmons)

The Government will continue to put Bermudians first in the future, the Premier pledged yesterday.

David Burt said that his administration has “made progress in delivering on our promises” in its first two years.

He added: “As we look forward to the next phase of our service to the people, our theme will continue to be putting Bermudians first.

“This government has taken the time to carefully develop policies that will benefit the people of this country.”

He was speaking in a seven-minute long video released this week to coincide with the two- year anniversary of the Progressive Labour Party’s General Election victory in July 2017.

Mr Burt highlighted work to introduce a living wage, forthcoming access to medical cannabis, and the creation of an immigration system “that promotes economic growth and does not frustrate the aspirations of our people”.

He added: “This is the mandate for change Bermudians provided.”

Mr Burt said that he and his colleagues had been “humbled to serve the people of Bermuda”.

He added: “When I think we are not moving fast enough, there is a wisdom in the community that reminds me that change is a process and not an event.”

Mr Burt said that the College Promise programme had led to postsecondary education opportunities for more Bermudian students.

He added: “We believe in investing in our people, and we are beginning to see results.”

Mr Burt also highlighted payroll tax reductions to workers making less than $96,000 per year, increases to seniors’ pensions, and the development of a “thriving fintech education programme” as ways the Government is “laying the foundation for the change we were elected to bring to Bermuda”.

He added: “Changing an unjust and entrenched system that has become part of our everyday lives takes time.

“This government believes that access to affordable healthcare is a basic human right.

“For 50 years, Bermuda has had a system that is more focused on profits than on people. Change is necessary and change is what we were elected to bring.”

Mr Burt said that a plan to provide healthcare savings to Bermudians would be unveiled “in the coming weeks”.

The Premier said that much work still needed to be done.

He added: “There are so many more Bermudians in need of a hand-up and there are so many children and families who need relief from Bermuda’s high cost of living.

“This government is determined to do all we can to deliver on our promises and govern in a spirit that allows Bermudians to do more than just make it, but to enjoy the success that their hard work and dedication should provide.”