Bermudian to discuss Kenyan terror attack

  • Joanne Ball-Burgess (Photograph supplied)

A Bermudian will tell the story of how she was trapped in a shopping mall during a terror attack.

Joanne Ball-Burgess will speak at the launch of ThinkFest 2019 at the Bermuda College on August 23.

Her presentation, The Journey to Self: Surviving a Terrorist Attack and Thriving in Kenya, will discuss her experience of being trapped in Westgate, an upscale Nairobi shopping mall, during a 2013 terrorist attack.

She will also reflect on African and Bermudian identity and her personal growth and development since relocating her family to Kenya nine years ago.

Ms Burgess-Ball said: “I am interested in sharing my path of healing and recovery. I want to share with the ThinkFest audience that it is OK not to be or be seen as strong all of the time.”

Other speakers on the ThinkFest agenda this year are:

• Oxford university lecturer Catherine Draycott, DPhil Classical Archaeology, on Why is archaeology so white? and The Art of the Dead: an archaeological journey of discovery

• Writer Ajala Omodele, will deliver a talk entitled Black Stories Matter: Why We Must Write, Teach and Pass On the Tales of the Lions.

• Researcher Robert Stubbs on Bermuda’s economic train wreck: how the financial sector crashed our economy

• History professor Theodore Francis on Vacations for Liberation? Bermuda, Black Tourism and the Global Politics of Travelling while Black

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