Coral Beats to play at Pride Parade

  • Coral Beats (Photograph supplied)

An all-woman drum corps has backed the gay Pride parade to be held later this month.

Nicky Gurret, of Coral Beats, said the group wanted to perform in recognition of the human rights of all Bermudians.

She added the event was “an important day in Bermuda’s history”.

Ms Gurret said that Bermuda’s LGBT people had been forced to hide who they were for too long.

She added: “I think it’s led to sad results. I think if we are all equal here, we should acknowledge it.”

She was speaking after the percussion group announced that it would take part in the event at Victoria Park in Hamilton and march in the parade on August 31.

Ms Gurret said that the group, which has taken part in Bermuda Day celebrations, felt the Pride event was “equally important”.

She added: “We’re very excited to be doing this, as we were excited to be doing Bermuda Day.”

Ms Gurret said that all members of the drum band had backed taking part in the event.

She said the all-woman drum group, Bermuda’s first, had about 25 members.

The group perform the samba and reggae rhythms of Brazil on drums and other percussion instruments.

Coral Beats has also performed at the Bermuda Festival and the Queen’s birthday at Government House, as well as at birthday parties and weddings.

The group was founded by Sue Riihiluoma in March 2017.

The organisers of the Pride event said Coral Beats was a “wonderful addition”.

A spokesman added: “They have a joyous upbeat sound, they are original, fun and they are local so we welcome them wholeheartedly.”

He said that the support the event had received had been “phenomenal and taken us pleasantly by surprise”.

The spokesman added: “Businesses large and small are wanting to show support and individuals are excited to participate.”

He said that the organisers were focused on the two official Pride events — a panel discussion on Friday, August 30 and the parade the next day.

The spokesman added that other groups had organised events to support Bermuda’s LGBT people and to raise money for gay rights group OutBermuda, the lead sponsor of the event.

He said the grass roots efforts were “exactly what we want to see”.

The spokesman added: “One of the main intentions behind ... organising Pride was to create space for people to feel safe, both in expressing themselves, if they are LGBTQI+, and safe to show support for the LGBTQI+ community, whether individually, as a group, or as a business.

“Hence the theme of Bermuda’s first Pride — ‘We Belong’.”