Vershon admits he was not barred from Bermuda

  • Unreserved apology: Vershon, whose real name is Kemar Brown, is a Jamaican recording artist (Photograph courtesy of

Reggae artist Vershon has confirmed that he was not barred from entering Bermuda this month.

And he has apologised to the Government and people of Bermuda for a statement “erroneously put out by my publicist” last week.

The Jamaican performer, whose real name is Kemar Brown, said that he had been contracted to perform at the BDA Summer Music Festival on August 3.

Mr Brown said that he and his party had arrived at John F Kennedy International Airport, in New York, on August 2 for a connecting flight to Bermuda.

He told the website that it was there that he was advised by telephone, the show had been cancelled. Mr Brown said: “At no point did I enter Bermuda and subsequently left New York for Jamaica.

“On the 5th of August, a statement was erroneously put out by my publicist, causing embarrassment to me personally, the Government and people of Bermuda, and to my fans.

“I want it to be categorically known at no point did the Bermudian Government deny me entry into the country because I have never been there before.”

He also offered an “unreserved apology” to Wayne Caines, the Minister of National Security.

The publicist for Mr Brown said at the weekend that an earlier press release which said that Mr Brown had been denied entry as a tourist at LF Wade International Airport on August 2 was issued “at the direction of our client”.

A statement on the Shuzzr website added: “Even after the release was crafted, Vershon approved the dissemination of said release, and remained silent since. It’s irresponsible for him now to say ‘a statement erroneously put out by my publicist’ when it was done at his direction and approval.”

Mr Caines said last week that no record existed of Mr Brown having submitted an application for a permit to perform in Bermuda, and that his name did not appear on any flight manifests for that day.

He added that Mr Brown was “never refused entry into Bermuda because he never travelled to Bermuda”.

The original press statement from Shuzzr claimed Mr Brown had the documents legally required to visit Bermuda as a tourist, and had wanted to bring positive publicity to Bermuda tourism. It called for an apology from Bermuda.

In a statement on Friday night, the company said: “Considering the statement made by the minister of security for Bermuda, Wayne Caines, which refutes the artist’s claim, it’s only prudent that we withdraw our initial stance, offer our sincerest apologies and our co-operation in any investigating being carried out, and assist with repairing the damage done to the island reputation.”

Shuzzr said its credibility was at stake and added: “As such, we have made a conscious decision to release reggae-dancehall artist Vershon from our roster and any contractual obligations. To the people of Bermuda, our apologies.”