Police trained as close protection officers

Three police officers have passed a tough training programme to become bodyguards for VIPs.

The officers, two women and one man, completed the close protection officers’ course.

Four police officers from the British Virgin Islands also took part in the training programme.

The completion of the course was marked with a ceremony at the police headquarters at Prospect, Devonshire, last Friday.

A police spokesman said: “Though the BPS has provided this training to local officers over the years, Friday marked the first time that local female officers and overseas officers successfully completed the training.”

Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Darrin Simons said the seven officers deserved “hearty congratulations”.

Mr Simons added: “It is especially pleasing to highlight Bermuda’s first female close protection officers, as well as the first overseas close protection officers trained in Bermuda from BVI.

This would not have been possible without the hard work of the training centre staff, who are to be commended for their efforts.

“We look forward to hosting future specialist training opportunities for local and overseas officers.”

The 4˝-week course was designed to give training in protection of Government officials and other important figures.

The names of the officers who completed the course were not released by the Bermuda Police Service for security reasons.