Former resident arrested for fraud in Prague

  • Former HSBC IT worker: Alan Stevenson is shown in this undated photograph (Facebook)

A former Bermuda resident has been jailed in Prague over a credit card debt in the Middle East.

South West News Service in the UK said that Alan Stevenson, from Manchester, England, was arrested in June on his way to visit his mother in the UK.

Mr Stevenson is understood to have worked at the Bank of Bermuda in the mid to late 2000s.

A spokeswoman with HSBC Bermuda said yesterday: “HSBC takes the issue of confidentiality very seriously and as such is not able to discuss any matters in relation to existing or former employees.”

Mr Stevenson was an avid golfer during his time in Bermuda, taking part in a number of tournaments.

The news agency said that Mr Stevenson’s name appeared on an Interpol list for an outstanding credit card debt that he had racked up while in Qatar six years earlier. It was not clear how much the debt is for.

SWNS said that Mr Stevenson has been kept on 23-hour-a-day lockdown in Pankrac Remand, a notorious Prague prison, since his arrest.

Mr Stevenson’s health was said to have suffered and that he had lost more than 20lbs.

The British-Australian dual national now faces extradition to Qatar.

Mr Stevenson worked as an IT manager in Doha in 2013.

He opened a bank account which required him to submit a blank cheque to act as collateral against the card and to be used to cover any outstanding funds if he ever failed to pay.

The news service said that Mr Stevenson had been forced to return to the UK after his mother became sick.

He notified the bank and tried to work out a payment plan on the cash owed.

But the bank attempted to cash the cheque which bounced.

Mr Stevenson was convicted in his absence over the insufficient funds cheque and reported to Interpol, which classified him as a wanted person.

His family members are said to have contacted the British and Australian embassies in the Czech Republic and have been told his case is being reviewed.