Caines: Best of who we are as a country

  • Wayne Caines, the Minister of National Security, surrounded by volunteers from the community, the Royal Bermuda Regiment, and the Royal Navy (Photograph by Jonathan Bell)
  • Photograph from Wayne Caines on Facebook

Further donations are not needed at the collection point in Hamilton for the Bahamas hurricane relief effort, according to Wayne Caines, the Minister of National Security.

Mr Caines added: “We were not disappointed — as a matter of fact, we were overwhelmed.”

Flanked by volunteers from the community, the Royal Bermuda Regiment and the Royal Navy, Mr Caines spoke in the hall of the Hamilton Seventh-Day Adventist Centre on King Street, where he estimated more than 1,000 families had donated essential items today.

Mr Caines added: “We believe we will have to seek other assistance to get some of these items off our shores.”

Donations will continue to be taken until 8pm today, but none are required tomorrow.

The minister said: “This was an opportunity for Bermuda to rise and show the love that lies within us.”

Steve Cosham, the ministry’s disaster risk reduction and mitigation team leader said the Royal Navy vessel HMS Protector would probably load up 100 pallets of supplies before it departs on Monday morning.

Mr Cosham added: “The goods left will still go to the Bahamas.”

He said the Somers Isles would probably ship the extra donations to Florida, where they would then be shipped to the Bahamas, where tens of thousands of people remain in dire need after the devastation left by Hurricane Dorian.

A national security spokesman said in a reminder today: “The ship’s capacity has been reached and we cannot accept any more goods.

“We thank the public for their overwhelming support and generosity, however we ask that no further goods be delivered to the Hamilton Seventh-day Adventist Church.

“For those who still wish to donate, further details will be provided on the next phase of donations.

“The public are encouraged to continue making donations through other agencies.”