Leading ladies discuss empowerment

There was standing room only last Thursday evening at the official residence of the US Consul General, Mrs Constance Dierman, on Wilkinson Avenue, Hamilton Parish.

The Women’s Resource Centre, held a kickoff public discussion, in a series of public conversations for women titled ‘Women’s Empowerment Discussions’.

The cross-section of representation, the venue, the intimacy, sumptuous refreshments, the generous hospitality of US Consul Dierman, and the obvious thirst to engage in effective and meaningful conversation, allowed for an evening of candid discussion on diverse issues facing women and families in Bermuda today.

“The evening reflected the kind of spirit that is desired, but not often achieved, in a community convening.

“It was exciting to have women from all walks of life not only gracing us with their presence, but participating in the robust discussion” stated Elaine Butterfield, Executive Director of the Women’s Resource Centre.

“I was pleased to provide a platform for this special panel.

“The Women’s Resource Centre is an impactful organisation that supports women in reaching their full potential.

“The panellists engaged the audience with key issues that concern all women and young girls in Bermuda, and I thank each one of them for taking time to challenge everyone in the room to engage.”

The dynamic discussion was moderated by Ms Jasmine Patterson and panellists included Ms Toni Daniels, Renee Ming, JP MP, Rev Paulette Burrows and Mrs Jennifer Outerbridge-Smith.

The panel led the discussion around defining success, how to encourage one another as women, self judgment and judgment of others as well as how to inspire the next generation.

A large part of the evening included audience participation.

Upcoming discussions will include the Criminal Justice System in Bermuda and Women and a candid discussion with Parliamentarians on the state of Women in Bermuda.

For further information visit us on Facebook or contact us at or tel 295-3882.

*Press release issued by the Women’s Resource Centre.