Submissions deadline for bridges extended

  • Swing Bridge, from St David’s Island to St George’s Island (File photograph).
  • An artist’s impression of what the replacement for the Longbird Bridge from St David’s Island on to the Causeway to the main island would look like (Photograph submitted)
  • An artist’s rendition of what the replacement to the 70-year-old Swing Bridge from St David’s Island to St George’s Island would look like (Photograph submitted)

Companies that could help to build two East End crossings have been given more time to provide details of their services, according to documents published on the Government’s website.

A request for information to replace Longbird Bridge and Swing Bridge was issued on June 7, but an addendum showed that the deadline for submissions was extended from August 30 to November 1.

It was earlier predicted that the existing structures in operation in St George’s would reach the end of their useful lives in 2021. Information provided in the additional document, which was published in August, indicated that designs for the bridges were, at that time, 90 per cent complete.

It was announced in December 2017 that three British companies, Ramboll, the lead consultant, as well as Knight Architects and Eadon Consultants, would work together on the replacements.

The RFI explained that the Ministry of Public Works sought organisations to supplement the design team “in regard to financing, fabricating and building” the structures.

A request was made for further information and drawings to help companies put together “initial budget information”.

The Government responded that Approval In Principle documents were included in the additional material.

It added: “Note that the bridge detailed design is 90 per cent complete at this moment, as a result of a three-phase design process.

“At this stage, the AIP documents should give sufficient information to help understand the scale of the project.”

The Government was asked to provide “the current programme for the detailed design and for the construction” of the bridges.

It answered: “No further information can be released at this stage.”

In reply to another question, the Government explained that pricing information was not needed for a response to the RFI.

It added: “This RFI is released for the purpose of collecting information and advertising the project on the construction market.”

The reply said more specific requests would be available on the government website and advised respondents to visit the portal regularly.

In its RFI, the ministry explained: “Feasibility studies and past experience indicate that a high level of prefabrication can lead to a low-risk economical solution. Pre-fabrication and heavy infrastructure expertise is therefore desirable.”

It sought “international experts” and invited expressions of interest from disciplines, including general and professional contractors, bridge or steelwork fabricators, financiers, project management, independent checkers, trades and other suppliers.

Construction time for the Swing Bridge from St David’s to St George’s Island was expected to be 30 months