‘Relentless’ mother gets Tiné to the Bar

  • Family affair: Tiné Tucker, left, and mother Yulanne Tucker (Photograph supplied)

A 30-year-old woman Called to the Bar said the milestone was a moment in the making for nearly two decades.

Tiné Tucker told a packed courtroom at the Dame Lois Browne-Evans Building that her aspiration to become a lawyer began around age 11.

She said: “The seed was planted as a result of a government aptitude test which suggested various career options based on the skill set indicated by each student.”

But the path she took in pursuit of her legal profession was not an easy one.

She explained: “I faced many unforeseen challenges, all of which taught me that perseverance will take me a long way.

“I learnt that if I simply kept ploughing ahead, that I would eventually reach my destination.”

Ms Tucker moved to Britain to pursue her law studies in 2007 at age 18.

She told Puisne Judge Nicole Stoneham that the global recession of 2008 had left her mother, Yulanne Tucker, her sole benefactor, without a job while she was enrolled in her first semester of her studies in London.

Ms Tucker described her mother as her “driving force”.

She added: “She has been relentless and unwavering in her endeavours to ensure that I could stand here in this honourable court today.

“She manoeuvred over the years from job to job and hustle to hustle.

“I am absolutely certain that I have attained my work ethic — and my poor work-life balance — from my mother.”

She told the family, friends and colleagues in attendance that they had been “the wind beneath my wings”.

Ms Tucker attended Kingston University, London, for her undergraduate and postgraduate studies, and later studied at the city’s BPP University.

She began her pupillage with the Ministry of Legal Affairs in October 2018.

Ms Tucker thanked Maria Sofianos, her principal pupil master, for her support over the last 12 months.

She said: “You were in the trenches with me, teaching me the ropes and rolling with the punches.

“Words do not suffice to express just how grateful I am.

“You provided support to me that extends beyond your duty and I am indebted to you.”

Ms Sofianos said that Ms Tucker had “worked hard and delivered constant results”.

She added: “She is intelligent, she possesses great maturity and integrity.

“I can say without reservation that she will be a success in whatever she undertakes and a valuable asset to any organisation.”

Ms Sofianos said that her pupil had also become her “dear friend”.

She added: “I will be proud on this day to be able to call Tiné my sister-in-law and indeed my learned friend.”