Bacardi pumps up hand sanitiser production

  • Hand it to them: The global headquarters of Bacardi, which has announced it will  donate more than one million litres of alcohol to help boost hand santiser production  (Photograph by Jonathan Kent)

Big-hearted drinks giant Bacardi is to help produce more than a million litres of hand sanitiser at its distilleries around the world to bolster the battle against Covid-19.

The Bermudian-based firm stepped in to help after supplies of the potential life saver hand cleanser started to run low across the world.

Now eight Bacardi-owned production centres, from Puerto Rico to Perthshire, Scotland, will supply the alcohol that is a vital ingredient of hand sanitiser free of charge.

Jean-Marc Lambert, Bacardi’s senior vice president of global operations, said the scheme was expanded from its rum distillery in Puerto Rico to seven other sites.

He added: “Over our 158-year history we have risen to many challenges and we are doing the same again in our response to Covid-19.

“All our brands and partners involved in this initiative will help people most in need benefit from the supply of these hand sanitisers.

“Our goal is to make a very real difference in the fight against Covid-19.”

A spokeswoman for the firm said that Bacardi would also play a part in donations of hand sanitiser to social service organisations and emergency services, as well as to its employees and contractors.

Bacardi will also provide alcohol at cost to partner companies who want to increase production of hand sanitisers for commercial sale.

The spokeswoman said the emergency action would not affect production of the firm’s brands.

Bacardi-owned brands involved are Bacardi rum in Puerto Rico, its bottling plant in Florida, the Angel’s Envy whiskey in Kentucky, the Bacardi distillery in Mexico, the Grey Goose vodka in France, Bombay Sapphire gin in England and the Dewar’s Whisky distillery in Aberfeldy, Scotland.

The company announced earlier that it would donate pledged $3 million to help employees in the bar and restaurant sectors who have lost their livelihoods after the shutdown in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

The firm’s Patron tequila brand in Mexico contributed $1 million on its own.

Bacardi has teamed up with a range of charities to help hospitality workers around the world — including Bermuda.

The company has launched #RaiseYourSpirits, an Instagram drive to help support bars and restaurants affected by measures taken to fight the pandemic.