Emergency trash pick-up to continue

The Corporation of St George has joined the effort to collect garbage after government trash collectors downed tools earlier this week.

The East End workers pitched in with the City of Hamilton and private collectors to help clear a backlog caused by the industrial action.

A spokesman for the works and engineering ministry said: “As a result of their efforts, most of Bermuda has been serviced and they will continue across the remainder of the island.”

He added: “With that said, however, the trucks’ inability to access all areas of the island, particularly narrow roads, has resulted in the garbage in some areas not being collected.”

He said anyone who lived in areas where the usual collection is Monday to Wednesday should not put out more bags of trash.

The spokesman added: “The public is advised to secure these garbage bags in a lidded bin on your property until your next regularly scheduled collection day.”

Areas where trash was usually collected yesterday had pick-ups and further garbage should be stored in a lidded bin until the next scheduled collection day.

The spokesman said that people scheduled for Friday collection who are not located near a main road and unable to transport their garbage should store waste in a lidded bin until next Friday.

He added that, Albert Woolridge had offered the use of two dumpsters for the St David’s area for people who cannot transport sacks of trash to the main road. The dumpsters are at the Battery and Cove Valley junction.

The spokesman said: “Additionally, we have requested that the Corporation of Hamilton and Hunt’s continue to collect garbage this Saturday to service those areas in need of further collection.”

Normal service by works and engineering staff, who took action after a colleague who returned from abroad before quarantine conditions were imposed went back to work, is expected to resume on Monday.