Meeting on human services training

On May 27th, the Inter Agency Committee for Children and Families (IAC) will be hosting a meeting for individuals who have experience providing training in topics relevant for human service professional development. The purpose of the meeting is to better understand local training capabilities and to generate ideas for how to strengthen onisland training opportunities for human service professionals. The meeting is a virtual meeting from 1pm – 3pm and individuals can register to attend at

Anyone with the requisite skills and experience is invited to attend the meeting. IAC will be providing human service professional development opportunities in three areas: technical, organizational and personal best practice. Technical best practice includes topics such as case management, therapeutic group work, behavior management, trauma-informed practice, and ACEs. Organizational best practice includes topics such as supervision, cultural competency, and ethics. Personal best practice includes topics such as emotional intelligence, communication, self-care and leadership skills.

IAC Programme Coordinator Nicola Paugh commented, “We have smart, talented individuals on island and we would like to make better use of those skills to support the development of human service providers. Learning and growth is a vital part of our ability to thrive in the work we do. IAC is committed to the development of our human service professionals and this is an important step in growing a robust training platform. We hope that individuals with experience in our three focal areas will join the discussion.”

IAC is a membership organization of social and human service providers that exists to strengthen the capacity of agencies to respond to the changing needs of Bermuda’s children and families. IAC helps Bermuda’s human service agencies to be better providers and stronger advocates through training, advocacy and collaboration. To learn more about IAC membership or upcoming training, visit

Press release from Inter Agency Committee for Children and Families