Rubis Energy presents van to charity

  • Welcome addition: Jermaine Simons, sales manager from Rubis, left, Daniella Adams, human resources manager from Rubis, Rosa Ward, Pals nurse, Colleen English De Grilla, Pals executive director, Shaimeka Ingham, Pals social worker, and Kathy Fox, Pals nurse (Photograph supplied)

A van has been donated to a cancer support charity to help its team get to people in need of care. Fuel supplier Rubis Energy Bermuda presented Pals with a Renault Kangoo so its clinical services staff have more transport options.

Colleen English De Grilla, the charity’s executive director, said: “Pals would like to thank Rubis Energy Bermuda for their unwavering support, especially during these challenging and unprecedented times. Right now, many charities are struggling to maintain their level of service and are dependent on the generosity of our community partners more than ever before.”

Ms English De Grilla added: “Pals receives no government funds and relies on fundraising events and donations to provide in-home care to the cancer patients of Bermuda.

“It is only through the generous philanthropic programmes of companies like Rubis that we can provide our services. We can never say ’thank you’ enough and appreciate all that Rubis has done for Pals over the years.”

Ms English De Grilla said the charity had helped cancer patients remain in their own homes from more than 40 years and made more than 4,000 home visits last year. She added: “The current multidisciplinary team includes five nurses, a palliative care physician and a medical social worker.

“The donation of this van will allow Pals to continue to serve all patients with cancer and their families in their homes.

“Pals never charges a patient or their family for our services, which reinforces the importance of donations such as this.”

Jermaine Simons, the Rubis Bermuda sales manager, said: “The vehicle, which was formerly used to meet the needs of our clients, will now be repurposed to meet the needs of Pals clients by delivering in-home care to cancer patients.”

He added the van had just undergone a major service from the Rubis Dowling’s marine and auto services petrol station in St George’s. Mr Simons said: “With this donation, Rubis is proud to show its support for ensuring that our vulnerable members of society may continue to receive much needed support.