Cup match message: ‘It’s a time of camaraderie’

  • Lovitta Foggo, the Minister of Community Affairs and Sport (File photograph)

Happy Cup Match, Bermuda! This is such a special and exciting time of year for us.

Itís a time of camaraderie and friendly rivalries between Somerset and St Georgeís fans who are fierce about their teams. Itís a time when the richness of our culture and heritage is on full display.

And itís a time when we fly the blue and blue and red and blue colours proudly for all to see.

But this year, weíve had to celebrate our traditions a little differently than in years past.

This year for the first time in our history, we are unable to come together as we normally would.

But we still believe itís important to recognise the historical significance of our holiday.

This is a milestone year for our community as itís the first year weíll celebrate a day named for one of Bermudaís National Heroes: Mary Prince.

So, to highlight this and other cultural milestones, we have put together what we feel is the right mix of virtual events to ensure a memorable holiday experience.

Instead of in-person events and gatherings, we are showcasing a series of online events and activities such as lectures, films and other creative offerings to honour Emancipation Day, Mary Prince Day and the Cup Match cricket classic.

We are pleased to have the support of Somerset Cricket Club and St Georgeís Cricket Club, our creative community, and leading sports figures to who are sharing their insights and talents all aimed at engaging you over the holiday period.

So, while weíre not able to celebrate as we typically would this year, we truly hope that you will join us in our virtual Cup Match celebrations.

Most of all itís my hope that you continue to express your energy and passion over the next couple of days, because thatís part of our national and cultural pride.

Happy Cup Match once again, Bermuda. However and wherever you choose to spend it, please be safe and enjoy your holiday celebrations.