The public must insist on renewable energy

  • Sunny side up: RAB is giving the public the opportunity to insist on renewable energy

Dear Sir,

The Regulatory Authority of Bermuda’s public consultation regarding the Integrated Resource Proposals is now open.

The RAB has accepted a variety of different proposals for new electricity generation plants and is asking members of the public for their views on the matter. This is a great opportunity for our community to actively participate in our democracy, something that we should do at every opportunity.

In this case, we should not accept anything less than clean, renewable energy. These days, renewable energy is not only the cleanest and healthiest option, but it is also the cheapest. A fossil fuel-based plant will spew toxic chemicals into our air, exacerbate the imminent problem of global warming, prolong our dependence on expensive imported fuel, and ultimately generate electricity that will cost consumers more than clean energy.

Additionally, if we are to prevent the worst effects of climate change, we will have to switch to renewable energy soon enough — why build a new fossil fuel plant if we will only have to permanently close it in our lifetimes?

I am urging everyone in the community to participate in the public consultation, and to accept nothing less than renewable energy. Making your voice heard is as easy as typing a short letter on the computer and submitting it, along with your name and e-mail, at https://rab.bm/submit-a-response-form/.

The three proposals with significant renewable energy are:

• The wave energy park proposed by Bermuda General Agency Limited

• The clean water and power plant proposed by Brad Sorensen

• The “Optimum Renewables” plan proposed by BE Solar

Climate change can seem like an insurmountable problem with little that the ordinary person can do to help. But participating in this public consultation and urging the RAB and the Government to move forward with clean, renewable power is a concrete action we can all take.


Smith’s Parish