DC office decision is the right one for Bermuda

  • Walton Brown

Michael Dunkley, the “Shadow Minister of Everything” and former Premier of Bermuda is once again attempting to rewrite history and erase his record of failure.

In 2017, when the One Bermuda Alliance was defeated at the polls, the Progressive Labour Party came into office to find that its predecessor had inadequate representation in place to defend our interests in the United States, many of our long-established relationships had eroded, and we were spending money on an empty office that the OBA shut down without a plan.

Proper diplomacy requires that you make friends before you need them, yet the short-sighted move by the OBA government left Bermuda with no political presence when the new Congress and new President of the United States came into office.

This was a particularly short-sighted move by the OBA, given that the Trump Administration’s tax reform agenda that could have a dramatic effect on Bermuda.

Mr Dunkley may criticise our decision to re-establish the DC office and ensure that Bermuda’s interests are consistently defended on Capitol Hill, yet we are confident that this decision, supported by our international business partners, is the correct decision for Bermuda.

No one likes to spend money without getting an outcome that tangibly benefits Bermuda.

Being forced to pay rent on an empty office that was vacated and left empty under the OBA’s watch is far from ideal for Bermuda or the taxpayer. Despite this, we have an obligation to resolve the situation, and we are working to fulfil our pledge to have proper representation for Bermuda in Washington.

Walton Brown is the Minister for the Cabinet Office and the MP for Pembroke Central (Constituency 17)