Our interconnectedness is coming under threat

  • Glenn Fubler represents Imagine Bermuda

During the press conference last Friday, when an update was provided on the Covid-19 pandemic, David Burt indicated that the collaboration that has brought us this far was under strain. The Premier referred specifically to challenges within the relationship between the Government, employers, the Bermuda Hotel Association and some in the union sector.

Any of us involved in collectives such as marriages are fully aware that “challenge” is characteristic of relationships. That said, given the circumstances that we and the global community generally face, it is essential that we engage with each other, mindful that we are in the midst of an existential crisis.

Appreciating that the present circumstances offer us a reminder that we are all interconnected — locally and globally — is vital for surviving and possibly thriving. Covid-19 has required a focus on health, a reminder of this “big picture”.

The human body is able to survive only if the various organs and systems are “collaborating”. The skin and the linings of the respiratory and digestive systems offer the main barrier to pathogens such as parasitic bacteria and viruses. The immune system relies on the circulatory system in order to back up that main line of defence.

In fact, the human body’s health is even reliant on, what may be considered, “others”. For instance, a variety of helpful (symbiotic) bacteria and viruses live within our intestines in relationships that optimise the health of ourselves as the “host”. Appreciating the vital importance of these interconnections constitutes wisdom.

Understanding that “we are all in this together” is prerequisite for our navigating the implications of the pandemic. Especially with those we may have considered to be “others” during past engagements.

We humans are known as homo sapiens — “wise man”. Aware that all relationships are challenging, we can apply our wisdom to navigate this crisis, leveraging the opportunities found in these dangerous circumstances.

A key in this regard is maintaining a sense of respect — even reverence — for each other and our relationships. Appreciating our interconnectedness.

Glenn Fubler represents Imagine Bermuda