School buses ‘top priority’

  • Michael Fahy

Senator Michael Fahy has promised parents that ensuring there are buses to take students to school is a top priority both for him and the Department of Public Transportation.

The Minister of Transport and Tourism said he had directed that school runs should not be cancelled if there are bus shortages.

His comments come after CedarBridge Academy students were unable to get to their practice SAT exams on time this week because of continuing disruptions to their school bus service.

“It is obviously distressing for the public and even more so for students preparing for examinations when their bus service is delayed or cancelled,” Mr Fahy said.

“I have spoken with the Minister of Education and assured him that the Department of Public Transportation is doing everything possible to reduce such occurrences.

“I have also spoken with the director of DPT and given direction that school runs should not be cancelled in the event that there are bus shortages.

“I have been given assurances that this direction will be adhered to. I can reiterate the director’s comments last week that CedarBridge Academy is not targeted.

“DPT and I are keen to ensure our school students, whether they are in public or private school, are given safe and reliable public transport so that they can get to school on time and not be worried about whether they will miss exams due to poor bus service.

“I can assure parents that this is a top priority for me and DPT.

On Saturday The Royal Gazette reported that “major concerns” had been raised by staff, parents and students at CedarBridge that they will miss, or be late for, further exams due to start on Monday.

Mr Fahy added: “This week I shall make a ministerial statement in the Senate which will outline some of the issues with the bus fleet, and also comment on the bus schedule and the issues surrounding its implementation.

“This I hope will add some clarity for the public about what is being done to reduce delays and cancellations.”