Constituents ‘tired of political discourse’

  • Constituency 21 candidate Elmore Warren, right, with moderator Charles Jeffers (Photograph by Sarah Lagan)

Independent candidate for Constituency 21 Elmore Warren said that the political unrest in Bermuda was one of the biggest concerns he had been hearing from voters.

The owner and operator of Fresh TV was speaking at a public question and answer session at Happy Valley Child Care Centre yesterday evening which he organised for his constituents.

Although only four members of the public turned up to the event, Mr Warren appeared unperturbed, vowing to represent the best interests of Pembroke South East.

Asked what were the main issues he was hearing at the doorstep as he canvassed, Mr Warren said voters were fed up with the political discourse on a national level.

He told us: “People want to talk about the political discourse — what is really going on with the political divide. That has been the most telling thing. People are really tired of the lack of any kind of co-operation to come up with the right solutions. That is the defining complaint.

“The national conversation is where people are at. It is not just about potholes — it has become far more advanced than that. It is not just about the local school, it has become about all of the schools.”

On a local level, Mr Warren said: “My goal is to make the area more efficient and user friendly.” He added that promoting entrepreneurship was a priority for him saying he wanted to “open up opportunities” to those in his constituency.

He is distributing what he calls The People’s Contract which outlines the difference he aims to make as an independent candidate. The contract includes pledges: never to vote his conscience but to rather represent his constituents; to advocate for a proxy vote in the event of unavoidable absence; never to abstain from voting unless voters instruct him to; to donate 10 per cent of his ministerial salary to Constituency 21; and to resign if he fails to uphold the contract.

Mr Warren is set to battle for the seat against incumbent Rolfe Commissiong, representing the Progressive Labour Party, and One Bermuda Alliance candidate Rodney Smith, on July 18.

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