Robinson to run for OBA in Pembroke Central

  • Happy family:  newlywed senator Dwayne Robinson has been announced as the One Bermuda Alliance candidate for the Pembroke Central by-election. Enjoying the moment with him are wife Reshay and his mother, Barbara (Photograph by Jeremy Deacon/One Bermuda Alliance)
  • Dwayne Robinson, the OBA’s candidate for Constituency 17 (File photograph)

A newlywed senator was unveiled yesterday as the One Bermuda Alliance candidate for the Pembroke Central by-election.

Opposition leader Craig Cannonier announced that Dwayne Robinson will run for Constituency 17 against Jason Hayward on November 21.

Mr Robinson, who has just returned from his honeymoon, said that the expectation that Nick Kempe, the opposition Senate leader, would be selected was “mostly speculation” by the public.

He added: “Nick Kempe has always been a mentor for me by coming in and showing me the ropes of the Senate.

“We’re definitely on the same page and are working together for the benefit of Bermuda.”

Mr Robinson was speaking at the OBA’s headquarters on Reid Street, Hamilton, after he was announced as the candidate.

The by-election was called after the sudden death of sitting Progressive Labour Party MP Walton Brown last month.

Mr Robinson said that the election was “not under the circumstances that any of us would have wanted”, but that he was “willing to answer the call of the people”.

He added that, if elected, he hoped to focus on environmental issues such as clean energy and climate change.

Mr Robinson also said that he planned to speak to members of the constituency to expand on his platform.

He added: “The OBA is prepared and is ready to take on a new direction for Bermuda and for the betterment of Bermuda.

“I’m not going to make any grand statements and I’m not going to make any grandiose gestures.

“But I will say that I am committed to fight on behalf of the Constituency 17 members and on behalf of Bermuda in the House of Assembly to assure that legislation that comes out is held to account and is in the best interests of all the members in that particular constituency and Bermudians as a whole.”

Mr Robinson, 25, who was appointed to the Senate in 2018, is the cofounder of the political comedy show It’s That Type of Party and the production teams Superbia Productions and Neo Apex Productions.

He will run against Jason Hayward, a government senator and president of the Bermuda Public Services Union, who was announced as the PLP by-election candidate last week.

Mr Robinson said that he was “extremely confident” in his ability to compete against Mr Hayward, who was appointed to the Senate in 2017.

He explained: “I do respect the senator and the things he’s done for Bermuda, but I also do understand that there is a need for representation for those under 30.

“There is a need for a person my age to be up there speaking on behalf of us.”

Mr Cannonier said Mr Robinson was “a fine young man and a star” whose election came on the heels of his honeymoon.

He said: “I can’t say enough about the support and the faith that I have in him as we move forward in looking for solutions to Bermuda’s many challenges.

Mr Cannonier added: “Bermuda is facing challenging times — all you have to do is look in the newspaper — but we have an opportunity to bring Bermuda together.

“We believe that the One Bermuda Alliance, with the inclusion of our new candidate, will help us find solutions for what it is that we need to do.”