Women given Brussels opportunity

  • Jennifer Phillips (right) with Renée Webb, the Bermuda Government’s representative in Brussels (Photograph supplied)
  • Maxanne Caines  (Photograph supplied)

Two Bermudian women have praised an international internship programme for providing an “amazing” and “exciting” opportunity.

Maxanne Caines and Jennifer Phillips spent 13 weeks working in the Government’s office in Brussels, Belgium.

A Government spokeswoman said that the interns “gained insight to the importance of Bermuda’s relationship with the European Union and the overseas office in London whilst assimilating into European culture”.

She said that Ms Caines and Ms Phillips attended meetings and events hosted by the Overseas Countries and Territories Association at the European Commission, as well as the Brussels Economic Forum and the launch of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s UK Women’s Network in Brussels.

Ms Caines, a graduate student at the University of Kent, in Brussels, called the internship an “amazing opportunity”.

She said that she had always been interested in how Bermuda “interacts with international actors and agencies”.

Ms Caines added: “During the internship, I was able to experience first-hand topics that I have been studying.”

Ms Phillips, who recently completed studies at the University of Westminster, in London, England, said the internship had provided an “exciting opportunity”.

She added: “Spending the summer in Brussels, the unofficial capital of the EU, during elections in the United Kingdom was very exciting and ignited a passion for local politics and how they affect Bermuda on the world stage.”

David Burt, the Premier, said that both interns “gained valuable knowledge and understanding of Bermuda’s relationship with the EU and they got a better understanding of international policies that affect Bermuda. “The renewal of this highly beneficial internship programme and the addition of placements in our overseas offices fulfils our promise to ensure that Bermudians get the experience needed to compete in the global economy.”