Premier: more Bermudians are working now

  • David Burt, the Premier (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

The One Bermuda Alliance’s Budget Reply ignored positive economic signs, according to David Burt, the Premier.

Mr Burt, speaking to The Royal Gazette this afternoon, said: “What’s interesting was what was actually missed in the fact that the Shadow Minister of Finance neglected to mention the fact that Bermuda had the strongest job growth in 2019 than we have had in 13 years.

“We hear this story about the economy and the challenges, of which there are some, but we have to recognise the strengths.

“The most important thing to recognise is that there was job growth — job growth overall in the economy and more Bermudians working.”

He added: “There are more Bermudians working now than when we took office. There are more people working in the Bermuda economy than when we took office, and we are going to continue to make progress.

“But what we must do is build a fairer economy.”

Mr Burt also disputed the OBA’s claim that the Progressive Labour Party has increased taxes for working Bermudians.

He said: “Nothing could be further from the truth.

“We have lowered payroll taxes for workers to the lowest levels that they have been in history.

“The lowest payroll tax band has never, ever been this low since payroll tax was introduced.”

The Premier added: “On an annual basis we have reduced taxes and we are going to continue to make sure that those persons who are workers in this country who need relief will get that relief.

“That is in far contrast to what happened under the former Government when payroll tax was raised across the board.”