Quarantined not allowed at polling stations

People in quarantine will not be allowed to attend polling stations to vote at the General Election on October 1.

The Parliamentary Registrar warned voters to prepare if they planned to be overseas at the end of the month.

Health officials said that returned residents must:

• Arrive in Bermuda no later than September 29 — two days before the election — with a negative pre-departure test to ensure they are allowed to vote

• Arrive in Bermuda no later than September 20 if they do not have the pre-departure test. They must quarantine for eight days and have a clear day-8 test to ensure they are allowed to vote

Anyone who is uncertain if they can arrange a pre-departure test is advised by health officials to arrive no later than September 20.

The Parliamentary Registrar made the announcement after advice from the Department of Health.

A Department of Health spokeswoman said: “Voters should be aware that they will be required to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth to enter the polling station.

“Voters will also be required to have their temperatures checked and to sanitise their hands before entering the polling station.

“We encourage voters to co-operate with all polling station staff to allow a smooth flow of traffic in and about the polling station.”