PLP pair point to party’s record

  • Tinée Furbert (Photograph by Akil Simmons)
  • Crystal Caesar (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

The General Election will not be dampened by the Covid-19 pandemic, said Crystal Caesar and Tinée Furbert, of the Progressive Labour Party.

The pair said the PLP had demonstrated a record of bringing forward legislation to improve the lives of families.

Ms Caesar, who is running in Southampton West Central (Constituency 31), added: “We’re highlighting how we are going to continue to assist the public.”

She said the party wanted the public’s support to put in place a living wage, as well as the creations of a victims’ compensation fund that would draw on the salaries of people found guilty of offences to pay back their victims.

Ms Caesar added the party aimed to support the creation of “caring businesses” with help from the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation.

She added that the PLP considered investment in the certification of jobs such as nurses and rehabilitative carers as “critical”.

Ms Caesar, speaking with Ms Furbert at the PLP headquarters, said the policy for the living wage was being “finalised”.

But she admitted the pandemic’s economic hit had “slowed the progress in some areas”.

Both had found the public’s appetite for the election was strong in their constituencies.

Ms Caesar added: “People are happy to exercise their ability to choose.”

Ms Furbert, the candidate for St George’s South (Constituency 4), said: “Visiting constituents, they are actually excited about the election.”