Wright named CEO at FMIS

  • Promotion: Michael Freisenbruch, left, FMIS president and chairman, with Andrew Wright, the company’s newly appointed CEO

Freisenbruch-Meyer Insurance Services Ltd has appointed Andrew Wright as chief executive officer.

The company said Michael Freisenbruch will continue in his roles as FMIS president and chairman, focusing on strategy, client and stakeholder relationships.

The new CEO will assume day-to-day management of FMIS, which services a number of independent Freisenbruch-Meyer operations including a local insurance company, agencies, insurance broking, and pension administration.

“We are very fortunate to have someone of Andrew’s highly valued experience within our organisation to manage the firm,” Mr Freisenbruch said.

“We are at a significant stage of our organisation and welcome Andrew’s leadership qualities to successfully implement our business strategies and optimise market opportunities.

“Andrew is visionary in his management style with a proven track record of bringing people together and delivering value to all stakeholders.”

Mr Wright has almost eight years’ experience with FM, beginning in the FMIS finance department as chief financial officer and then assuming the additional role of chief operating officer in 2015.

He is a certified public accountant, certified management accountant and was recently certified by the Institute of Directors.

Mr Wright has over 20 years’ experience in a variety of finance and management positions.

“I am both honoured and excited by the trust Mr Freisenbruch and the boards of directors have placed in me, resulting in the opportunity to lead this exceptional organisation of resourceful, dedicated and talented professionals,” Mr Wright said. “I truly believe that working closely with Michael we can deliver on the FM strategies, empower the entire team, and drive the existing exemplary levels of customer service to new heights.”