Red Bull Youth Team

Age no barrier to Dill’s Red Bull ambition

  • Boat captain: Dill

At just 18-years-old Peter Dill is the youngest member of Team BDA.

Recently named Boat Captain, he will be in charge of making sure the teamís AC45F is ready to race in the 2017 Red Bull Youth Americaís Cup in June.

This is a big responsibility, but Dillís experience as an intern with Oracle Team USAís shore crew should hold him in good stead.

A graduate of both Somersfield Academy and Warwick Academy, Peter got his start sailing with the Bermuda Sailing Association out on Whiteís Island at the age of nine. The Paget resident has three siblings, including a twin sister and two older brothers.

Dill is vying for the spot of the jib trimmer for TeamBDA, and below he answers some questions about what makes him tick.

Who is the Bermudian you most admire? I admire various Bermudians for different reasons, if I had to pick one it would probably be my father.

Who is your sporting hero? Robert Scheidt [a 43-year-old sailor and two-time Olympic gold medal-winner], the love he has for his sport and how he is able to continue to compete at an Olympic level at his age.

If you werenít on Team BDA you would be? Working for Oracle Team USA as shore crew.

What would surprise people about you? Iím 18.

What do you do in your spare time? I like to be on the water or in the workshop. Kiting, spear fishing, relaxing, partying.

Somerset or St. Georgeís? Somerset.

What is your favourite Bermuda symbol or icon? The fitted dinghy, I find them symbolic of Bermudian ingenuity and experimentation but primarily our maritime history.

What is your favourite or most used Bermudian phrase? Burnt Yah Cookie.

What are three songs you love right now? Walking On The Moon by The Police; Can you Feel the Love Tonight by Elton John; Simmer Down, a Bob Marley remix by Gentleman & Ky-Mani Marley.

Whatís your favourite of ice cream? Macadamian Nut Brittle

Netflix binge watching? No time.

What is one movie you think everyone should see? Cool Runnings.

How many push-ups could you do before this and how many can you do now? Around 30 before and around 50 now.

What do you eat or drink now that you didnít eat before? Coffee, high glycemic carbs.

What donít you eat or drink now that you did before? White pasta, a lot less alcohol.