Red Bull Youth Team

Wollmann is hoping to take the helm

  • Well known: Wollmann has already represented Bermuda at the Olympic Games (Photograph by Nina Cotterill)

TeamBDA sailor Cecilia Wollmann, 19, is no stranger to the high seas.

The Smiths resident got her start sailing at age eight. Both her younger brother, Mike, and older sister Ellie are avid sailors as well.

Cecilia, or ďCeciĒ, made history when she became the islandís youngest sailor to qualify for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil last year.

The former Saltus student decided to defer her studies at University of Southampton until this autumn, in order to take part in the Red Bull Youth Americaís Cup 2017. She is training for the position of helmsman in the June regatta.

Who is the Bermudian you most admire? Flora Duffy because sheís shown that despite coming from a small island you are still able to compete at the highest level and become the top at your sport.

Who is your sporting hero? Robert Scheidt because he is one of the most decorated and successful sailors who is well respected by all his competitors.

If you werenít on TeamBDA you would be Ö? Studying at the University of Southampton.

What would surprise people about you? I can play the clarinet and piano.

What do you do in your spare time? Relax and hang out with friends.

Somerset or St Georgeís? St Georgeís.

What is your favourite Bermuda symbol or icon? The Bermuda Triangle because itís the first thing people ask about when you say youíre from Bermuda.

What is your favourite or most used Bermudian phrase? Stop ya noise.

If you could choose new first name what would it be? Charlotte.

What are three songs you love right now? The Mack by Nevada; Shape of You by Ed Sheeran; and Anywhere by Dillion Francis.

What is your favourite ice cream? Chocolate.

Netflix binge watching? Friends.

What is one movie you think everyone should see? Mean Girls.

What muscles do you have now that you didnít have before? Quads.

How many push-ups could you do before this and how many can you do now? Before 20 and now 30.

What do you eat or drink now that you didnít eat before? Protein shakes and hydration powder.

What donít you eat or drink now that you did before? Cookies.